How much will it cost to install a Lynx NGT-9000 in my aircraft? What’s involved?


This varies from aircraft to aircraft, but L3Harris has been working with several dealers in establishing a baseline of installation hours. Since the Lynx is completely autonomous and requires no interconnectivity to other instruments, the time and complexity to install is greatly reduced when compared to multi-box solutions. To install the Lynx NGT-9000 as a transponder replacement, the installation typically involves pulling out the old transponder and installing the new Lynx transponder rack and wiring harness in its place. A Lynx dedicated WAAS/GPS antenna also needs to be installed, typically on the top of the aircraft. Most shops can install this basic arrangement in 12- 15 hours. Adding options such as active traffic, antenna diversity or wiring to other compatible cockpit displays will obviously add time and cost to the installation.

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