Why should I pay more for ADS-B In when I have a dashboard unit that works with my iPad?


In the coming years, only aircraft who have equipped with a certified ADS-B Out solution will be able to receive the ADS-B In data. For example, the Lynx NGT-1000 is an ADS-B “Out” only device that costs around $2,000. You would still be able to use your dash mounted unit and iPad for the “In” signal. However, for about $1,000 more, you can upgrade to the Lynx NGT-2000 and have an ADS-B In/Out device that creates a Wi-Fi environment without any extra installation costs. You can rid yourself of the dashboard unit and its wiring clutter while still enjoying the iPad for your display of traffic and weather. And if you lack a compliant transponder, the Lynx NGT-9000 unit starts to make even more economical sense.

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