Will this work with my SkyWatch Traffic Avoidance System (TAS)? Isn’t this the same as ADS-B Traffic?


Yes, the SkyWatch technology has been further refined and is now contained inside the NGT-9000+ Active Traffic model. This replaces your SkyWatch LRU and reuses its antenna. You will be able to remove your SkyWatch transmitter/receiver (and 10 lbs) from your aircraft. While ADS-B traffic is comprehensive, there are limitations to the service including line-of-sight to station, non-equipped areas, GPS signal integrity and non-participating aircraft. The Lynx NGT-9000+ blends ADS-B with active traffic data, providing an uninterrupted display of aircraft equipped with Mode A, C and S transponders. The NGT-9000+ model also features extended aural alerting of intruder aircraft position such as “Traffic, 11 O’clock High, 2 Miles.”

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